Ra Heru Khuti’s life suddenly turned upside-down when he unearths a suspicious ancient Khamitic (Egyptian) text, the Papyrus Am Tuat. The mysterious Papyrus is sought by the evil genius Sethe who will stop at nothing, including murder, conspiracies and mayhem to get his hands on the Papyrus and rebuild his evil empire. Stinking Face, a ghastly personality of Sethe, brutally assaults Amseth, Ra Heru Khuti’s mother, in pursuit of the Papyrus.

Then one of Sethe’s henchmen, Ap, attacks Bast who is very close to Ra Heru Khuti. Sekhet, Bast’s sister, retaliates with her laser-like burst of energy. Another of Sethe’s henchmen, Apep, defiantly targets the priest and confidante of Ra Heru Khuti then tortures and drags his body in view of everyone. Satraa Maat and Mehurt’s attraction to Ra Heru Khuti puzzles Ifa Dare and Sabu, close friends of Ra Heru Khuti. The final battle in this volume is fought on the grand stage of good versus evil with a cast of dangerous and judicious characters.

Ra Heru Khuti traverses two worlds. In the present Ra Heru Khuti is haunted by Seb, the headless horror while his past is rich with memories of his honorable ancestor, the great warrior, Heru Behutet.